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Pirate Kings Hack - Unlimited Money and Tickets

About Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings Online is a sea-pirate MMORPG produced in Korea and was created by MOLI Group Limited. It has a cartoon and very colorful graphics and therefore the game is liked by all young users. The game was launched on the market in October in 2006. The game has been programmed in English. The Pirate Kings game is available on Android as well as on iOS.

We start the game by creating your character and selecting one of the three available lands. The desert and winter forest lands do not have significant differences. All maps are surrounded by water. The basic means of transport in this game are boats and small ships. At the very beginning, we must make a purchase of such a boat or ship. Our character, which we start to play, receives the first of the available levels. Over time, we can get a higher rank and play at a higher level. After returning to your island at Pirate Kings, we have the opportunity to spend money on upgrades of our pirate ship and on many different decorations that embellish the whole area. Players have the opportunity to unlock many islands here, but it takes time. We also have the option of generating money ourselves on each island as soon as we can unlock the third in a row.

The Pirate Kings game relies heavily on spinning the wheel with prizes. Thanks to this, we have the ability to shoot and receive gold, defense points and the opportunity to attack other players. Players also have the option of receiving free trials for making and buying many additional rewards for real money. When a spinning wheel stops at an attack, players are moved to the island of another player. There they can choose a specific part of the island that they will want to attack. If our opponent draws a defensive position on the wheel, the organized attack may fail. Each player gets valuable rewards for every attack and defense attempt.
If the wheel stops at the “steal” position, players are taken to the screen where the “Cash King” search starts on the next islands. Cash King has the most items ready to be taken.

It’s very easy to see the sense of humor of the creators. The models of each hero are caricatures and the NPCs in this respect are often very crazy. However, skirmishes with the heroes of terrestrial fauna are not modern. The system that controls the sea battles is new and requires the use of many different tactics, as the number of ships in the battle increases. If we win more victories at sea, it will bring us many benefits. Material benefits, thanks to which we can gain control over our own island, and then control its resources and take care of the development of areas. There is also a shortage of support for professional services. Each player can choose from a set of different types of competition, thanks to which it is much easier to earn money for the implementation of plans for further sea battles.

Pirate Kings is a great game for every young player. Well designed graphics and well-kept details in the game will ensure good entertainment for the user. A person of all ages will manage well during the game and will give her pleasure. The game is great during very long journeys and to kill time. Every time we devote to playing this game is spent in a very nice, pleasant atmosphere that has a mild scene.